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Personal attention.

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Rob really took his time with my family and I. I am thankful for him and his kindness. I am also pleased with Alan's extra time that he took to be with us. Thank you.

Success Path Mentoring

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I'm happy to report that I did the Success Path training (YES - the big money package) and it did work. I'll do my best to explain it but I worked my way from the free event to the 2k workshop to a big package. My experience with the company is great! And to all you free event people complaining that you didn't meet Christina & Tarek, I did. And let me tell you, they know WAY more information than HGTV puts out. From event to event I was blown away by the professionalism the employees put out and how much information their instructors know (from their own experiences) which is why I invested. I don't really know what to share since people aren't really asking questions on here, they are just complaining about the free event so let me explain some things I didn't know going in. The coaching works extremely well. I received a coach that is actively investing in real estate and anytime I had questions or was working through paperwork or was trying to figure out which properties to invest in, I could easily make an appointment with him and we'd talk everything through. I'm not sure if anyone has invested in real estate but there is SO much legal jargon you have to get through and the coaches know it all and will help you make the best choices. Coaching - 5 stars I also attend the Vegas event which is where I met LOTS of real estate investing celebrities from many different shows. All of them were so personable and the event was insane. So much information being given, tons of companies there that will help you with funding, finding properties, figuring out taxes, etc, etc, etc. THAT was an experience I will never forget. Plus they have motivational speakers that are amazing and really keep you excited about investing. I currently have 3 deals in the works and the money I am expected to make surpasses what I paid in training and is almost my yearly salary. Would I recommend this program to a friend? Absolutely.

Very good and knowledgeable speaker.

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However, just a suggestion - in the future training classes, please remind guests not to click their pen constantly and to turn off cell phones! Also, would be nice if hotel would compromise on air conditioning temperature. Harder to focus when so chilly!


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