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Our adventure in real estate brought unexpected blessings.

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We started with Buy and Hold properties, and we currently own 3 rental properties. In January, we did our 1st flip with creative financing. We were able to help a family whose house burned, and they were living in a hotel for over a month. They had a down payment from their insurance and we are currently holding the other half of the note for them. It is so nice to be able to help people through real estate.

Great, but I couldn't get it all down.

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Marc was good, knowledgeable, and nice. But when he was giving us information to write he went very fast. I wasn't able to get all of it down.

Seminar was great.

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Everything was provided in a simple manner and readily useful tips were given. I hope that they can tailor it more to the local market, Vancouver. Maybe they can invite hard money lenders to the seminar so we get first hand experience dealing with them.


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