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Magnolia, AR

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I am an experienced real estate investor and took the time to attend the free event to see what it was all about. Pleased with what was being taught I spend the $1995 to attend the three-day workshop the following weekend. I have an extensive real estate portfolio and let me tell you, the workshop was very helpful. Some of the information was basic but that really helped first timers. When they got in to the tax information and lending that's where I learned lots of new information. The three days were full of information for flippers, investees, landlords, etc. I have already started implementing the skills I was taught and this past tax season was a breeze. Usually I'm clueless and just hand everything to an accountant but this time around I knew what was actually going on. My own 2 cents: You are never done learning about the real estate market. It is constantly changing and there are always new laws and regulations being put in play. You need to continue to educate yourself whether you go back to school, attend a workshop, etc. It's all necessary.

Was very helpful

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Looking for future education!

Bring it on.

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I was impressed. I thought it was valuable. I wish the time allowed for going over more contracts, etc. However, in the time allowed I believe it was fantastic. It makes me want to learn the action steps, to go forward and be successful. Now - let's go rub my husband's face in the fact that he thinks this will never work.


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