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Saint Paul, MN

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I am not one to review a company but this is one worth talking about. I went in on a property with a buddy about 2 years ago and we failed. Bad. We each put in $20k of our personal funds in a property that we thought was perfect but so many things went wrong. We ended up having to take a huge loss. Fast forward to today and we are a part of the Success Path program making 3 times our salaries when we were working in marketing. We make a great team and are huge fans of the program! If you want to invest right and not lose your savings, Success Path is the way to do it.


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When we didn't understand something, Marc went over it again rephrasing when needed until we understood it. Thank you everyone!

This was a great intro to real estate investing.

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I just wish we had more time to run through more examples. That was really helpful - analyzing a deal quickly as to the best way to go with it.


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